Installing Lights and Outlets for the Disabled


Installing Outlets and Switches for the Disabled? Call Root Electric for Help

When families need to retrofit or redesign areas of their home to accommodate a disabled family member, the first things that come to mind are usually aspects that make it easier to navigate the home. Ramps for wheelchairs, bathroom modifications and bedroom modifications are usually at the top of the list. Just as important, however, is installing lights for the disabled. Not only is it important to make sure that the disabled family member has an easy time seeing where they are going at night; studies show that the right kind and amount of lighting can be a mood booster as well, which can help everyone in the family.

Installing Lights for the Disabled: Lighting Coverage

Bathing a room in even light is important, and so is reducing the glare. When we install lighting to help families with disabled members, we usually recommend and install frosted, surface-mount fixtures that cast light evenly around the room without creating headache-inducing glare. This ensures that the rooms are well lighted for easy visibility of all areas. This makes it easier for people in wheelchairs, or with other mobility issues to navigate your home.

Types of Lighting to Install for the Disabled

In rooms that do not get much natural sunlight from windows, full-spectrum lighting that reduces the yellow wavelength of light and gives a closer approximation to natural sunlight are often recommended. So we often suggest full-spectrum light bulbs when installing lights for the disabled. Studies show that the more full-spectrum and natural light people get, the better their mood will be, which is very important for both the disabled and their family members and caregivers.

It was obvious from the start that Bill Root, the owner and founder, and his staff genuinely like what they do. In our original call, Bill tried to walk us through the problem to see if it was something we could handle ourselves. When it was clear that they needed to come out to our Fairfax Station home, they scheduled a visit promptly. The Root Electric team was punctual, very courteous, respectful of the property and efficient. All took the time to explain things. We highly recommend Root Electric for its skill and customer service.

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Switch Placement Critical when Installing Lights for the Disabled

Making sure that light switches and outlets are easy for your disabled family member to reach and use is critical for their safety, convenience and sense of independence. This is also not a do-it-yourself project, especially in older homes that may have outdated or aluminum wiring issues. Call our Root Electric residential electricians to go around your home with you and evaluate switch and outlet placement from the perspective of your disabled friend or family member. We can create a very detailed plan of how to replace and move switches and outlets safely to make it easier for your family member and caregivers to access lighting and power when they need it.

There are many other aspects of installing lights for the disabled that we can help you with also. We can suggest areas of the home where motion-sensing lights and nightlights (especially outdoors and in hallways and bathrooms) could be helpful. Lights and ceiling fans controlled by clapping or remote control may also be appropriate and helpful in many cases. The bottom line, when installing any lighting for any family is safety, and our expert residential electricians are sticklers for safety at all times. So don’t go it alone: call us at 703-494-3989. We will be happy to come out and advise you on the best lighting solutions to help your disabled family member and their caregivers stay safe, secure and independent.


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