Recessed Lighting Installation Services


Our Expert Electricians Can Safely Install Recessed Lighting in Northern Virginia Homes and Businesses

Recessed lighting is a popular and versatile lighting option for both homes and businesses around Northern Virginia. Instead of a lamp hanging down or sticking out of a ceiling or wall, a recessed light is set into a space in the ceiling itself. It can provide crisper, brighter general lighting to living and working spaces, make a room look bigger, and can highlight particular areas of the room. Although it is common to see recessed lighting in newer homes and offices, it can also be a wonderful renovation idea in older homes as well. The important thing to remember, however, is that due to some tricky wiring concerns, it is always best to call on an experienced electrician to handle the installation of recessed lighting. Northern Virginia has counted on the friendly and expert electricians at Root Electric for over 25 years for lighting installation because customer safety and satisfaction always come first with us.

The Benefits of Recessed Lighting, Northern Virginia Style

Flexibility and a clean, uncluttered look are two of the major reasons Northern Virginia homeowners are gravitating toward recessed lighting these days. These are just some of the specific applications that can make a home or office shine:

  • General Lighting: Recessed lighting works well as general lighting for family rooms and basements because it casts a bright, even glow over the entire area. A “step” or “open” baffle trim around the light is the most common type of trim used in these applications because they shape the light and reduce glare. For general lighting in a room, we recommend arranging the lights in an even pattern that matches the shape of the room.
  • Subject Lighting: Many people like to use recessed lighting to cast a highlighting glow over a particular piece of art or sculpture. Obviously, this application is popular in art shops, galleries and museums, but it works very nicely as an option for recessed lighting in Northern Virginia homes as well. By using a “gimbal” or “eyeball” trim, the light can be focused on a particular area to draw attention to a particular feature within a room for design purposes.
  • Task Lighting: Building recessed lighting into a kitchen, studio or office workspace is also a popular application. Using several recessed lights in a small area like this focuses more light on high-traffic countertops, cabinets, work tables, and cuts down on bothersome shadows.

Why Installation of Recessed Lighting Requires a Professional Electrician

Recessed lighting is a simple, elegant solution for lighting in many applications, but it is not quite as simple to install it. Several safety and structural concerns require the help of an experienced electrician to install recessed lighting. Northern Virginia homes frequently fall into the vintage category, for example, and were not wired with modern lighting solutions in mind. So a number of technical, safety and design factors need to be considered before recessed lighting can be safely installed.

If you are considering installing recessed lighting in your Northern Virginia home, office or gallery, call us here at (703) 494- 3989. We can evaluate what electrical components your space already has, or will need to have, from wiring and transformers to bulbs and IC-rated housings. Careful foresight and planning for a recessed lighting installation can save you money, time and electrical fire hazards down the road.

As professional electricians with an eye for design and a passion for safety, we can help.

Customer Testimonial
“These guys are great. They installed recessed lighting in my living room and two new ceiling fans from scratch in the bedrooms. Highly recommend them, they do great work and amazing customer service.”

Brandon Hogan