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Benefits of Having a Home EV Charger

6 Benefits of Home EV ChargersAn electric vehicle is an investment in the future, but it comes with a lot of new ways of doing things that you may not be used to if you’re just leaving the world of combustion engines. One of the biggest issues electric car owners face is how to keep […]

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What to Know Before Buying An Electric Vehicle

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy an Electric VehicleIt is truly exciting that electric vehicles are becoming more and more common and easier to buy for more people. Nevertheless, they are a lot different from what you’re used to if you’ve always driven a car with a classic combustion engine before. If […]

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How to Extend Your Electric Vehicle’s Range

6 Secrets to Make Your Electric Vehicle Go FartherMore and more people are opting to get electric cars, which is awesome for the environment, but it can be a real adjustment period, getting used to how they work. One frequently asked question we often hear is: “How can I make my electric vehicle go farther?” […]

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Chargepoint Home Flex Installation Services

Chargepoint Home Flex EV Charger Installation Services

Electricians Review of the Chargepoint Home FlexIn the past few months, Root Electric has had quite a few requests to install wall connectors for newly purchased electric vehicles.  As more and more manufacturers are beginning to release electric vehicles, the demand for home charging solutions that will work with a variety of different vehicles is […]

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Your Electrician in Prince William County: Root Electric

Electrical Services in Prince William County Root Electric’s commercial and residential electricians are proud to be considered some of the best in Prince William County. From electrical repairs and home improvements to office electrical repairs and commercial tenant improvement projects, Root Electric has been serving the residents and businesses of Prince William County for more […]

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