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Whole House Surge Protection Installation Services

Does My Home Really Need Whole House Surge Protection?Here in Northern Virginia, we get some pretty shocking thunderstorms—and all that stray lightning dancing around can wreak havoc on electrical systems and devices throughout your home. Even if your power doesn’t go out, and you don’t have to wait for the utility company to turn the […]

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How to Find the Best Electrician in Town

Electricity powers so much in our homes that we often take for granted just how tricky and dangerous it can be. That’s why, whenever you have a home improvement project or a repair that involves the electrical systems in your home—even if it’s just something deceptively simple as replacing a light fixture or updating the […]

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Electrical Panel Review Cutler Hammer

Electrical Video FAQ – Electrical Panel Review Cutler Hammer

Electrical Panel Review Cutler Hammer ​Transcription of FAQ Video: I’m Bill Root with Root Electric. And today, we’re gonna be talking about electrical panels. Now, why am I talking about electrical panels? Well, electrical panels are number one, a big focus in our business. And here’s why. Your electrical or your electrical system, imagine as an […]

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Electrical Video FAQ – Tamper Resistant Outlets

Electrical Video FAQ – Tamper Resistant Outlets Transcription of FAQ Video:Hello I’m Bill Root with Root Electric and I’m here with my son Peter. He is just about nine months old right now and we are in as you can see, his nursery. And we have the usual stuff. We have a crib, we have […]

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