Bulb and Ballast Replacement

Bulb and Ballast Replacement Services for Commercial Buildings

Bulb and Ballast Replacement - Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services

Most commercial lighting currently installed falls into three camps: HID, fluorescent, or LED. Facilities that are still primarily lit with HID or fluorescent fixtures require a greater amount of maintenance than facilities that are lit by LED. The most commonly replaced lighting components are as follows:


Fluorescent T12 HO bulbs, fluorescent T8 bulbs, and fluorescent T5 HO bulbs burn out regularly and require replacement. Fluorescent lighting is most frequently installed for interior spaces or covered spaces which are not exposed to the weather. Wall packs and post lights are most commonly installed for outdoor locations such as the side of buildings, streets, or parking lots. Wall packs and light posts normally use HID metal halide lamps. These burn out, requiring replacement, just as fluorescent lighting or incandescent lighting.


Fluorescent and HID bulbs run at a different voltage than that which is supplied by the power company. A ballast, which is a type of transformer, is used to raise or lower the voltage to a level that can be used by the specific type of bulb. If all of the light bulbs are replaced in a fluorescent light fixture, and the bulbs still do not light, the ballast is usually the cause. 


A photocell is a device that senses light. Depending on the level of light, the photocell switches power “on” or “off” to the lights that it controls. Typically, power is supplied to the lights during the night, turning them “on”, and cut from the lights during the day, turning them “off” to save energy. On occasion the photocell can malfunction, causing the light to stay “on” day and night, wasting energy, or “off” day and night, creating a safety and security risk.

Root Electric keeps an inventory of ladders and scaffolding on hand to safely complete lighting repairs. We can also use your scissor lift if available. Root Electric has been completing commercial lighting maintenance since 1986. Contact us today for expert advice and a free estimate. 


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