Emergency Generator Installation Services


Root Electric’s Northern Virginia Emergency Generator Installers Can Help Prepare Your Home for an Emergency

Installing an emergency generator for your home is a smart move for preparedness reasons as it can protect your home in the event of extended power outages. There are two basic types of emergency generators: portable generators operated by a manual transfer switch, or automatic standby generators. Choosing the right one for your needs can feel overwhelming at first. Our emergency generator installers can help you evaluate which type of generator will best fit your family’s needs.

Portable Generators

Our emergency generator installers can install portable generators, which are typically gasoline-powered and range from 5500 watts to 18,000 watts in size, with the most commonly installed models falling between 6500 and 8000 watts. Portable generators can generate enough electricity to power critical circuits like septic systems, well pumps, refrigerators, microwaves, stoves and some lighting.

Portable generators are operated by a manual transfer switch, which economically provides power to your home during a power outage. Think of the transfer switch as a 60 amp sub panel with two main breakers: one of the breakers (usually 60 amps) supplies power to the essential functions within the house, while a 30 to 50 amp breaker takes care of the generator itself. This sub panel (manual transfer switch) has a safety feature called a lock-out device that ensures that the sub panel and its circuits are only powered by one electricity source at a time. This not only protects the circuitry of your home, but it also protects the power company workers trying to restore power to the neighborhood from “back-feeding” generated electricity into the power grid, which can kill or injure utility workers.

Customer Testimonial

Mr. Root, we wanted to thank you for your help in restoring power after the storm. In the face of an inane county inspection requirement from the power company, we weren’t sure how many hoops we were going to have to jump through. But you made the process as quickly and easily as we ever could have hoped. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, speed and compassion. Thanks again.

Eric & Julie 
Fairfax Station, VA                 

What Kind of Emergency Generator Do I Need?

The following questions and considerations can help Root Electric’s emergency generator installers help you pick the generator that best fits your family’s needs:

  • Do you run an office, or do you have sump pump, septic pump at home that needs to stay on during a power outage?
  • How big is the house and how many people live there?
  • What are the essential appliances you need to keep running?
  • How much space do you have for an emergency generator installation?
  • What type of fuel (propane or gas) do you want to power the generator?
  • Does your town or neighborhood association have guidelines or rules about emergency generators?

Emergency generators require installation by a licensed electrician with experience installing them. Our emergency generator installers can help you prepare your home to safely handle a power outage, so cal us today at (703) 494- 3989.


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