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We understand that DIY (do-it-yourself) projects can be fun and even very successful, but there are some home improvement projects that really should be tackled only by the professionals. At the top of the list of those projects: anything having to do with electricity in your home. Electrical projects should always be handled by one of our Arlington electricians. There are several very critical safety reasons for this. First and foremost, unless you fully understand how electrical wiring works, you could make a mistakes that might lead to fire or severe electrical shock. Secondarily, there are cases in which you would be breaking housing codes or insurance policies by not hiring a professional electrician to do the work.

So even if it is something as seemingly “simple” as an replacing an replacing an outlet or a switchchanging a light fixture or repairing faulty wires, call the top notch Arlington electricians at Root Electric. The following is list of electrical projects you should never attempt without professional help:

Fixing a Short

It may seem simple, but it isn’t, especially if you own an older home with some aluminum wiring issues. It’s projects like these that send at least 1000 people to the hospital every year and burn down hundreds of homes. If you have wiring in your home that keeps shorting out, it’s best to call on our master electricians for help.

Any Electrical Work in the Kitchen or Bathroom

These areas of your home have a double whammy of potential hazards: water and electricity. Do not try to repair or replace outlets or wiring or exhaust fans or light fixtures in this area without professional help from one of our residential electricians.

Remodeling that Requires Installing New Wiring

This sort of thing really requires an expert, both to maintain code regulations for safety—and for safety’s sake alone! Make sure to call our Arlington electricians any time you want to do any home remodeling stuff on your own. Chances are you can do many things on your own, but please, for your and your family’s sake, call us for anything involving electrical wiring.

Installing a New Circuits

It is especially true of older homes: as our electrical demands increase with all of the new gadgets and hardware we have, the old circuitry tends to trip. If this is the case, do not try to install a new breaker yourself. Our Arlington electrician can safely change electrical panelsinstall sub panels and make all manner of home electrical upgrades so that your circuits can safely handle your modern lifestyle, even if you live in an older home.

Handling Code Violations

If you recently had a home inspection where issues were raised, this isn’t just an inconvenience—it could be a safety issue for your family. Call Root Electric immediately. Our top priority is making sure you and your family are safe and that your electricity functions as it should for optimum safety.

In fact, if you are ever worried about electrical safety in your home, or whether or not your home is up-to-code, we do home electrical safety inspections! We can help you find and repair any problems so that you avoid unfortunate problems or accidents in the future.

Installing New Outlets

Using too many extension cords or power strips can be unsafe, so you may be tempted to think installing a few new outlets around your home would be an easy thing to do. But this is another of those seemingly simple projects that really requires an electrician’s help. If you do not understand how electrical wiring works, and do not know how it works in your home in particular, you could burn down your house by doing this “simple” thing. Call Root Electric First!

So although we are avid do-it-yourselfers ourselves, we want everyone out there to stay safe. If you have a project in your home that involves any electrical wiring, put safety first, pick up the phone and call your Arlington electrician at 703-494-3989!


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