Community Lighting Installation Services

Community Lighting Installation Services

Every community has street lights which were installed by the power company when the community was originally built.

 Over time, the lighting and security needs of each community may change and the community may find itself needing additional lighting in specific locations. Power Company street lights are very expensive to install and often require the approval of local politicians or high-level government officials.

Alternatively, Homeowner’s Associations may add their own community post lighting instead of going through the hassle of adding a new power company street light. Community lighting is an excellent alternative to power company street lights for several reasons:

Flexibility of Location:

With community lighting, the Homeowner’s Association can determine the location of greatest need and add as much or as little lighting as needed. As long as there is a nearby source of permanent power, light posts can be installed with relative ease. In many cases, if there is no local permanent power source, we can install a new electrical service to supply power for additional lighting. 


The appearance and color of the lights can be custom tailored to the community that it serves. A community of contemporary homes may opt for lighting that appears industrial, while a community of colonial homes may specify something more antique.

Potential for Future Upgrades:

If the exact number of fixtures needed cannot be accurately determined in the short run, a minimum number can be installed, and more can be added in the future. 


A single power company street light can easily cost more than two or three community light posts. Additionally, cost can vary depending on the brand and appearance of the lighting specified.

Additionally, LED technology can be employed and even leveraged by using special photocells and occupancy sensors to limit energy consumption. 

Specific Use:

Community lighting can be installed for and tailored to many different uses. For example, it can be used to light streets, parking lots, and walkways. Different lights can be specified to illuminate tennis courts or pools. Still different lights can be placed to highlight architectural features or landscaping.

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