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At Root Electric, we provide tailored installation service for a broad spectrum of electric vehicle wall connectors in the Northern Virginia area.  Before we proceed any further, it is necessary to define the equipment that is being installed.  Most people call the equipment installed on their garage wall used to connect their new electric vehicle to the electrical system an “EV Charger.”  This term is incorrect because the equipment on the wall is not a charger at all, but simply a device that helps manage the rate of current charging the vehicle and also the times at which the vehicle will charge.  The charger itself is located inside the vehicle and goes wherever the vehicle is driven.  These wall connectors come in two varieties:  original equipment wall connectors made by the manufacturer of each vehicle, and aftermarket wall connectors made by other companies.  

The Ford Charge Station Pro was developed first for use with the F150 Lightning pickup.  Electric pickups, like gas pickups, weigh more than passenger cars and are made to haul or tow heavy loads that passenger cars are not made to handle.  This causes electric pickups to consume more electricity in the same way that a gasoline truck burns more gasoline than most passenger cars.  As a result, Ford installs a larger battery pack to handle the additional demand, while providing a useful amount of travel range without charging.  This larger battery pack, like a larger gasoline tank, takes longer to fill than that of a small passenger car.  In order to provide convenient charge times, Ford’s wall connector offers greater current capacity and faster charging speeds than many other competitive wall connectors. 

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Exemplary electrical work and customer service. This is the second time I have used Root Electric and they will continue to be my "go to" electrical contractor. The on-line estimate quote process works very well - there were no surprises. Bill Sr. gave me a 10:00 - 12:00 service window; he called at 10:00 to say he would arrive in 30 - 45 minutes. Bill wore a protective mask at all times, was very respectful and aware of social distancing. The two jobs were completed quickly. All in all, a real pleasure to work with.

Bruce G.

The Ford Charge Station Pro offers up to 80 Amps of charge current, as opposed to most other wall connectors, that only offer current in the range somewhere between 32 Amps and 48 Amps.  This means that the Ford wall connector requires a higher capacity electrical circuit, which in turn requires larger wires and takes up a larger chunk of the available capacity on your home’s electrical service. 

Before you look into buying a new Ford vehicle equipped with the Ford Charge Station Pro, make sure to know the following data points about your home:  

1) Home service size.  Most homes come with either a 150 Amp, 200 Amp, or 400 Amp service.  

2) Square footage of your home.  This number does not need to be pinpoint accurate, but it does need to be generally correct.  

3) Number of HVAC systems, and whether they use fossil fuels or electricity for heat.  HVAC systems that use electricity for heat use an outsized proportion of the service capacity.  

If you know these data points about your home, you will be able to tell if your service can handle a Ford Charge Station Pro.  If your home’s service does not have enough capacity to handle the wall connector at the full 80 Amps, it can be set to charge at a lower amperage, or alternatively, the home’s electrical service can be upgraded to handle the greater demand.  

If you have any questions about buying a new Ford electric vehicle and would like to have Ford Charge Station Pro Installation service, please feel free to contact Root Electric with your questions. 


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