7 Home Electrical Improvements that Make Smart Tax Return Investments


Smart Tax Return Investments for Your Home

If you’re seeing a nice tax refund influx this year, you can probably think of at least 100 things to do with it. But when you’re making that budget, try to do things that have a double-edged return on investment on them. Home electrical improvements and remodels are a super smart choice for many reasons. First of all, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, safer, brighter, more electronically-capable home. Those improvements will also boost your home’s resale price if that’s something you’re looking at in the future. The following are some of the smartest home electrical improvements you can invest your tax return on:

1. Upgrade the Electrical Panel

It may not be an overtly cool home upgrade, but wow, does it impact your home’s safety in a big way! This is especially true if you live in an older home, or you’ve been noticing flickering lights or other electrical safety issues. Certainly, if you have any of these older or recalled electrical panel models, this isn’t just a good idea practically, but also for your home and family’s safety: split buss panels, Zinsco, I-T-E, GTE/Sylvania/Federal Pacific or Pushmatic electric panels should be replaced ASAP.

Even if you don’t have one of these models, if you have an older electrical panel, it may not be keeping up with your family’s modern electrical demands. If you’re not sure, call Root Electric for an electrical safety inspection.

2. Update Your Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular and productive things to spend your tax return on. If this is one of your dream remodels, but you can’t afford to do everything on your list at once, consider just updating the kitchen lighting. You’d be surprised how much of a positive change this and a few fixture updates will make towards a fresher-looking kitchen.

3. Other Kitchen Electrical Upgrades

In addition to lighting, there may be outlets, switches and other wiring issues in the kitchen that would make it work better. For example: Does your microwave often pop the breaker on the other lights and functions in your kitchen? Can’t use the toaster or microwave at the same time? Fixing these kitchen electrical issues can keep your kitchen safer while also making your life more efficient and easier. Removing old appliances and replacing them with high-efficiency, energy saving appliances and their electrical wiring will also improve your life, improve your electrical efficiency and boost your home’s resale value in this most-used room in the house.

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My dad, who's been using them for years, recommended Root Electric. We have used them for several jobs and have been impressed by their professionalism, hard work, and punctuality. As an example, Bill Sr and Jr came out on New Years Eve to fix a problem with a junction box that was affecting our heating system. We highly recommend them.

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4. Bathroom Lighting Updates

Another place in the home that homebuyers are always looking at is the bathrooms. Updating to recessed lighting or replacing old light fixtures with new ones can brighten and refresh bathrooms very quickly.

5. Exterior Lighting Updates

Again, we discuss the curb appeal issue. Updating your exterior light fixtures and security lighting can make your home more inviting all year round.

6. Replacement of Outlets and Switches

It is inexpensive, plus it greatly increases the safety of the electrical system while improving aesthetics.

7. Long-Needed Electrical Repairs

Whether you’re staying or selling your home, getting any long-needed electrical repairs or upgrades done now will save you money and probably improve your home’s safety in the long run. Homebuyers are particularly concerned about issues like this, even more so than kitchen remodels. If your home’s electric systems are sound, up-to-date and up to recent code, it shows that you’ve been a responsible homeowner.

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If you want to get the most out of your tax return this year, consider getting some of those home electrical issues taken care of and you’ll enjoy a brighter future whether you’re staying or selling. Contact us today at (703) 494-3989 for a free quote!


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