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Here in Northern Virginia, where the average home age is about 35 years, you can bet there are quite a few homes in need of some light fixture replacement. Replacing a light fixture may seem like one of those “easy” DIY projects you can handle on a Saturday afternoon, but depending on the lighting, the switch wiring and your home’s circuitry, you may not realize just how tricky and even dangerous the project can be. To avoid possible mishaps, the safest bet is to call Root Electric’s Northern Virginia residential electricians for help. Safety is our first priority all the time, but we also know a great light fixture design when we see it and can help you find an economical, stylish way to brighten your home. (Check out our portfolio for some examples!)

Many Types of Light Fixture Replacement in Northern Virginia Homes

There are as many reasons for a light fixture replacement project as there are homes and families in Northern Virginia. One of the first that comes to mind is that a home needs an updated look, either to make it more palatable to potential homebuyers, or simply to freshen up a space that looks stale. In fact, replacing light fixtures is a pretty simple way to put a new spin on a well-loved area, making it look new again. Going from hanging fixtures to focused recessed lighting is a popular project because the lighting can be designed and configured to fit very specific needs and lighting effects in practically every room in the home. But you may also be interested in some of this year’s exciting hanging fixtures to add drama to your dining room or entryway. Even the exterior of your home may need updated light fixtures, either to invite guests and potential buyers, or to repel criminals (with security lighting). Either way, replacing light fixtures is one of those “any time is a good time” projects.

Another reason light fixture replacement is a good idea, especially these days, is that so many newer light fixtures are far more energy efficient than older ones. When you consider that anywhere from 15 to 25 % of your electricity bill comes from lighting, it makes complete sense, when replacing your light fixtures, to select newer models that save you energy while also producing the desired lighting effects. Here at Root Electric, we can suggest all kinds of solutions for saving money over time on your lighting and electric bill.

When you embark on your light fixture replacement project, be sure to call our residential electricians for help. Not only do we have an eye for form, function and energy efficiency, but we can also catch wiring dangers and complications that you might not. This is especially important if the reason you are replacing a light fixture is because it is not working in the first place. Something is probably amiss with the wiring. Older homes are especially tricky when it comes to dealing with the wiring and circuitry behind the light fixtures and switches that you will have to work with. Unfortunately, people have been known to start fires and suffer serious electrical shocks (or worse) when trying to work on things as “simple” as light fixtures. Replacing old ceramic light sockets, dealing with the possibility of aging aluminum wiring, wiring multiple lights to a single switch, or installing a dimmer or a configuring a light or motion sensitive switch—each of those tasks is best done by a professional residential electrician.

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