Our Coronavirus Policy

Our Coronavirus Policy

To our most valuable customers:

The Root Electric team has been following the developments of the COVID-19 virus very closely in recent days.  Since our founding in 1986, we have made it our business to be responsible members of our community, specifically in the ethical standards with which we hold ourselves and our business.  Three very important pillars of our standard of ethics are: ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees while at the work site; strict adherence to government policy; and putting our customers best interest before our own.  These standards have become even more salient, as we take into consideration our responsibility in limiting ourselves, our employees, and our customers to exposure to the COVID-19 pathogen.  

Electricians are listed as “critical infrastructure” for the energy sector in the guidelines released by the Department of Homeland Security.  (See https://www.cisa.gov/energy-sector).  These guidelines have been followed by all states currently operating under a “shelter at home” order.  As such, Root Electric will continue to operate under the threat of the pandemic with the following modifications to our normal procedure.  

  1. We will keep in close contact with our employees, ensuring that they are in good health at the start of each day.  We will help keep them up to date on current guidelines of social distancing or quarantine set forth by the federal or state government.  If an employee is not feeling well, they will be allowed sick leave without question. Work for that day will either be assigned to another employee still in good health, or postponed until Root Electric can fit the project into the schedule.  

  2. We will contact our customers first thing in the morning on our scheduled day of installation or service to verify that they are still healthy and comfortable with allowing electricians into their home.  Cancellation or delays of work will be allowed without penalty or forfeiture of deposit.  

  3. Our electricians and estimators will clean their hands with disinfectant wipes before entering a jobsite and after leaving.  Out of respect for our customers’ property, we will not wipe off surfaces that we worked on unless otherwise instructed by the customer.  This is purely to protect our customers’ property from damage or staining from a cleaner not safe for the surface in question. We will be happy to use a customer-supplied disinfectant in the area where we work in a manner specified by the customer.  

It is important to note that the very nature of our work can irritate the lungs and nasal passages  in an otherwise healthy individual. Some areas of our homes, to include attics and crawl spaces, can induce coughing or sneezing due to the presence of cellulose or fiberglass insulation.  Additionally areas of the home not regularly occupied by the customer can accumulate dust or pet dander, causing a similar reaction. If you hear a cough or sneeze from one of our electricians while working, these common household air particulates are the likely culprit, not COVID-19.  

It is our intention to continue to serve our customers and our community in the safest way possible.  We intend to comply with all government instructions with regard to our industry as they are given. Due to the uncertain nature of the current environment, our policies may change suddenly and without notice, however, we will make every effort to keep immediate customers up to date.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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Bill Root

About the author

During my tenure at Root Electric, I lead the transition of Root Electric from a primarily sub-contracting based business model to a prime-contracting based business model. Accomplishments have been made by developing a team based approach to researching and implementing a service-specific client management system.

My goals for the next five years are to fine tune Root Electric's brand strategy and to diversify its scope of services, while remaining true to the discipline of electrical work.