Nissan Leaf Charger Installation Service

Nissan Leaf Charger Installation Service

Installation Service for Nissan Leaf Charger 

If you have a Nissan Leaf, you’ve probably enjoyed the benefits of electric vehicle ownership along with some of the stressors. Almost every electric vehicle owner we’ve worked with has listed “electric vehicle range anxiety” as one of their biggest problems with owning an EV, whether it’s a Nissan Leaf, a Tesla, or some other EV. In fact, we’ve talked with many Nissan Leaf owners who, for the longest time, were just using a regular 3-pronged outlet to charge their cars at “level 1” charging, and it was simply not getting the job done, which increased their anxiety. Although installing an official level 2 charging port in the garage is an investment, it’s one that most Leaf owners are relieved by once it’s done. That’s why Root Electric offers Nissan Leaf Charger installation service in Northern Virginia. 

What You Should Know about Charging Your Nissan Leaf

When you own any electric vehicle, you need to think about where you can charge up, how long it will take, and how to arrange your day so that you don’t run out of charge in the middle of your activities. While public charging ports are getting more and more common, they’re not always easy to find, they’re becoming more crowded and they can decrease the battery life of your EV if you rely on them too much. That’s why springing for our Nissan Leaf Charger installation service makes sense from a convenience and control point of view. 

Furthermore, charging your Nissan Leaf at home on a “level 1” (regular 3-pronged outlet) can take anywhere from 18 to 52 hours (depending on the year and type of battery). That’s a really long time, and it’s not conducive to really switching over to electric for your daily activities. 

Installing a level 2 Nissan Leaf Charger in your garage, however, can slash that charging time down to between 4 and 10 hours, again depending on the model and type of battery. This means you can get a full charge overnight, while you’re sleeping and when the utility company charges a bit less (in fact, they may provide incentives, depending on where you are in Northern Virginia or the D.C. area). When you wake up in the morning, your car is ready to go and you can probably take care of most of your daily activities without scrambling to find a public charger somewhere.

Customer Testimonial

Exemplary electrical work and customer service. This is the second time I have used Root Electric and they will continue to be my "go to" electrical contractor. The on-line estimate quote process works very well - there were no surprises. Bill Sr. gave me a 10:00 - 12:00 service window; he called at 10:00 to say he would arrive in 30 - 45 minutes. Bill wore a protective mask at all times, was very respectful and aware of social distancing. The two jobs were completed quickly. All in all, a real pleasure to work with.

Bruce G.

Northern Virginia Nissan Leaf Charger Installation Service

Upgrading to a level 2 charging port accelerates and improves your Nissan Leaf charging experience, giving you more convenience and control over your electric vehicle lifestyle. While some homes in Northern Virginia are ready for installation right away, others may require some home electrical system upgrades. A home Nissan Leaf charger requires the same type of outlet that your clothes dryer uses, so an additional circuit or electric panel upgrade may (or may not) be necessary depending on your situation. 

Clients who have had a level 2 electric vehicle charger installed at their home report much higher levels of satisfaction with their electric car experience overall. Not only do they never have to worry about going to the gas station again, but they also generally have enough charge to comfortably pursue their daily activities throughout the day without having to find a public charging port most days. Over time, the cost of nightly charging proves to be a lot less than the cost of filling up at the gas station for a combustion engine. It also cuts out the time you spend waiting in line at the gas station, or filling up generally. 

Contact Root Electric for Nissan Leaf Charger Installation Service

The Nissan Leaf is one of the top-selling electric vehicles around. If you are thinking of purchasing one, or have one and are ready to upgrade to a level 2 charging port, make sure to contact Root Electric in Northern Virginia to find out if your home is already prepared for the installation or will need electrical upgrades. This will help you know how to plan for the investment, and perhaps consolidate other electrical upgrades or home improvements you’re thinking about in order to save time and money.


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