What is Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety


Five Ways to Reduce Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

What is Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety?

EV range anxiety is the fear of driving an electric vehicle and running out of power, without being able to find a charging station on time to replenish the battery.

According to a research, approximately 30 percent of potential EV drivers today feel uncertain about being able to charge their vehicle when they need to.

Here is Five Ways to Reduce Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety:

1. Buy the biggest battery. When you purchase your new electric vehicle, buy the model with the largest battery that you can afford.  The larger the battery, the more range the car will have.  Even if the rated range is way more than you think you will need, it will allow extra margin when traveling long distances, and reduce the frequency of charging sessions.

2. Set your battery charge indicator to “percent” not “miles remaining.” All electric vehicles have an indicator that gives the driver a readout of the battery’s current state of charge.  This display serves the same function as the fuel gauge on a gas or diesel powered vehicle.  By setting the gauge to read out the percentage of charge remaining, the driver does not have to constantly be reminded of the declining number of remaining miles before the battery runs out of energy, turning the car into a very expensive brick.  Seeing the percent of charge is a more familiar sight to those of us who are accustomed to seeing a needle pointing somewhere between “E” and “F”.

3. Make a habit of charging regularly. The ubiquity of gas stations has made drivers complacent in keeping track of the fuel level of their vehicles.  Many people simply drive around without looking at the gas gauge until they notice the “low fuel” light blinking.  Since EV charging stations are often few and far between, a “low battery” indicator can become a frightening event.  To avoid this situation, make a habit of charging your vehicle on a regular basis, and with sufficient energy to drive your anticipated distance with a 20% to 30% margin of error. 

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4. Know where charging stations are located before you travel.  When traveling long distances, make sure you know where charging stations are located and how far apart they are.  This will eliminate the possibility of finding yourself caught short of energy without a charging station within range.  Most electric vehicles have a feature in their navigation that identifies charging stations along the route.  These navigation systems will even plan how much to charge at each station to maximize charging time and range.  Pro Tip:  Try to find charging stations where there is a convenient place to grab a snack and use the bathroom.  This makes the 15 minute to 40 minute wait go by faster.

5. Always keep your mobile connector in the trunk.    Never drive your electric vehicle without a way to connect to electricity.  In a pinch, you can always use your mobile connector to plug in where you are located, (with permission of the property owner, of course.)  


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